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‘Start Your Membership Business'

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Learn all you need to start your membership business Now!


    In this challenge you will:

    • Learn about memberships and how they work
    • Develop a clear idea of your membership offering
    • Identify who it's for and what problem you are solving
    • Be clear on how much money you can make and how
    • Explore some real membership business case studies 
    • Identify next steps to start your membership business


    This challenge is ideal if you’re:

    • An employee who would like a side hustle, 

    • A business owner or content creator,

    • Anyone looking to start a membership but feeling overwhelmed.


    • You’re going to need a notepad. In addition, we provide you with an editable PDF worksheet that you can either print or simply type your ideas into.
    • You’ll need 1 to 2 hours per day for 5 days focused on taking action on various small tasks for each day. This will include sharing your progress within the private group you’ll have access to with other participants of this challenge.
    • These small tasks will include brainstorming and making lists of ideas for the future that are tailored to just you. 
    • I highly suggest finding a private space away from all the distractions of life when you do the challenge each day. 
    • This could be achieved by doing this at a specifically diarised time of day (e.g. mornings or evenings) or simply popping your headphones on to block out all the noise.
    • This 5-day ‘Start Your Membership' challenge will guide and set you up with exactly what you need to do to get started
    • As a result you’ll be able to take the next steps to have your own membership business

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