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Are you a complete beginner or newbie investor?

Do you have money sitting in your bank account but unsure how to get started with investing?

Are you one of the many millions currently working for money rather than money working for them?

By following the Super Simple Investing 12-day roadmap, you’ll be able to build your confidence and get the necessary knowledge you need to invest your hard-earned money with success and without worry!

Super Simple Investing is a 12-day intensive roadmap that has been created to help you step into the driving seat and take action to achieve your future goals faster through investing wisely.

We all imagine investing as complicated and something ONLY the rich do.

The truth is, investing is a life skill that can be learned and something that anyone can do including you.

This course simplifies the journey and will help you to beat the fear that you might have about how to invest money.

In addition, it will give you the tools you can rely on to invest your money today and tomorrow.

The bit that excites me the most with this course is that it not only empowers you to invest your money but it will empower you to do the same for your children or family members.

The Best Time To Start Was 20
Years Ago, The Next Best Time To

Start Is Now!

The Best Time To Start
Was 20 Years Ago, The
Next Best Time To

Start Is Now!

This course SIMPLIFIES things and answers ALL the important questions on How to Invest in Stocks as a Beginner, How to Invest in Index Funds and ETFs, How to invest your money without worry, Stock Market 101, Understanding Investing Risks, How to Invest with little money, How to create a Simple Global Portfolio, etc and how to grow in Money Confidence to invest your own money to achieve your life goals.

It also includes practical spreadsheets and workbooks to make your investment decisions easier.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, this course is relevant to you as a beginner.

Although written from a UK perspective, this course is applicable whether you’re in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia.

Enrolling in this course sets you on the path towards creating a personal plan to invest your money with intention.

If you aren’t already investing, then you are missing out on future wealth growth and potential for Financial Independence. However, it is NEVER too late to start!

Time Is The REAL Asset You Have.

It Is Never Too
Late For You.

My Story

Beginners can gain investing confidence and achieve their dreams a lot faster if they’re intentional about investing and can connect it to their future life goals.

I set off on my investing journey into property in 2008 but feared to invest in the stock market because I didn’t understand it.

Even as someone who was nearly a Qualified Accountant at the time, I feared that my money would disappear into the ether of the internet.

I struggled to take that first leap and make my first investment because there was too much information out there and it all seemed too complicated!

There was also no one in my family who had invested money before.

Given I was on a fairly low income at the time, I also worried that I might lose the little that I had.

However, I knew that to achieve my goal of Financial Independence one day, I had to do more than just save money.

Meeting my wife in 2009 meant that we had dreams together of one day building a big enough portfolio such that we would live off the passive income it generated.

After much research and YouTube videos trying to find anything that would give me the confidence, I FINALLY took the leap (with peer pressure from friends) and bought my first stock.

That moment was liberating but also of high risk because I was putting all my eggs into one basket.

I needed to learn more about how to understand risks, fees, investment strategy, etc in everyday layman terms.

That journey to learn has led me on a professional and personal journey of not only working in the Investing Business but also taking some risks and investing my own money.

It has helped me to grow in money confidence to be able to invest my hard-earned cash without worry.

That journey has taught me how to invest money wisely whilst making sure that we are keeping things simple and building sustainable wealth over time.

Going on this journey of becoming knowledgable and intentional about our investing has helped us achieve significant life goals.

We became Financially Independent in 10 years and we’re a lot more confident about the future and that of our children.

Saving and investing money wisely has literally given us a totally different life outlook.

Choosing this path has meant that we can enjoy the lifestyle we often craved.

We enjoy travelling around the world as a family, whilst knowing with each day that passes, we generate passive income from our investments and do life without worry.

Money Works HARDER Than Labour!

Let Yours Work For YOU

The Value You Get

This course is packed full of amazing value.

It has been created to give you ALL the information you’ll ever need on this journey as well as a super helpful private community of other people who are also on the same journey as you.

Other unique aspects of this course include:

Super Simple Investing is worth many times more than £197 and has been listed at this initial low price to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Sign up today and it will give you ALL the knowledge and practical help you’ll ever need to make investing successfully and confidently a reality in your life.

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People Who Think Investing Is Complicated NEED This Course!

I have met so many people who don’t achieve their goals simply because they’re too scared to invest.

They let their money lose value to inflation and spend most of their lives working for money rather than money working for them.

Whatever your current income or savings are, this course will help you grow in confidence to invest your money more intentionally.

You aren’t going to go through this course and continue life as before.

This 12-day roadmap we’ve created works, and once you’ve been through it, you will never look back!

This Step-By-Step Beginner Course Will 
Help You Gain Investing

Confidence In 12 Days.


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Ken Okoroafor

I’m the founder of the award-winning Personal Finance blog, The Humble Penny. I started it to help others achieve financial independence and money joy in their lives having achieved financial independence myself aged 34 as a First Gen Immigrant.

I have over 12 years’ experience in the Investment & Fund Business. I’m also a Chartered Accountant and MBA holder from Cambridge.

My work has been featured on the BBC, Channel 5, MailOnline, The Guardian, METRO and much more.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking, street photography and travelling with my wife and two sons. We have fortunately explored over 50 global destinations and counting.

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