Make Money Monthly

With Affiliate Marketing

Your 7 Day Action Plan

Make Money Monthly

With Affiliate Marketing

Your 7 Day Action Plan

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Learn how we went from our first affiliate income of $12.83 to Making Over $9,000 MONTHLY by being RADICALLY AUTHENTIC.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or digital creator, we'll share the exact step-by-step strategies that make us income each month. 

The goal is to show you how to implement these strategies, saving you months or years of time and effort wasted guessing.

7 days from today, you'll know the exact strategies you need to implement to start making at least a 4-figure income per month. 

The Best Time To Start Was 20
Years Ago, The Next Best Time To

Start Is Now!

This course SIMPLIFIES things and answers ALL the important questions on How to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

Giving you the confidence to build a regular monthly income.

Confidence to achieve your life goals.

It also includes practical spreadsheets and workbooks to help you on your journey.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, this course is relevant to you as a beginner.

Although written from a UK perspective, this course is applicable whether you’re in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia.

(please note when it comes to rules they can differ in each country, I'll be focusing on UK and US)

Enrolling in this course sets you on the path towards creating a personal strategy to building your side hustle.

If you haven't already started in Affiliate Marketing, then you could be missing out on a valuable income stream towards Financial Independence. However, it is NEVER too late to start!

Time Is The REAL Asset You Have.

It Is Never Too
Late For You.

My Story

THP started life as a 99p Blog 4 years ago when I used to work in Finance in London as a Chief Financial Officer in the Investment Business and it has since become a business making multiple 6 figure income. 

I then quit my job as a Chief Financial Officer after 14 years of working in the investment business across areas such as Asset Management and Venture Capital.

THP started as a passion project and has been growing since.

Our biggest platforms are YouTube, Instagram and our blog where we have around 500K visitors a year.

The business generates income from various sources such as Membership income, ad revenue, sponsorships, Course sales, Workshops and events, Coaching revenue, and of course Affiliate income (where this course comes in)

Our Affiliate Income is usually between £5K ($7,000) and £10K ($13K) a month. So that’s between £60K ($84K) and £120K ($156K) per annum

These amounts vary because times when we focus strongly on Affiliate Marketing, we make more income, and when we do nothing, although we make a decent amount, we don’t make as much.

I also wanted to share that part of my big motivation for making this course is that our income level is highly relatable and we didn’t always earn this much affiliate income. Our first ever affiliate income came on the 4th December 2017 (1 day after we started our blog) and it was for $12.83.

Things I wish I knew About Affiliate Marketing

I thought I’d share these as a way to manage your expectations. You won’t get rich quick with Affiliate marketing overnight. But you’ll make life-changing money if you’re patient and diligently apply what I’m sharing on this video.

    • Affiliate marketing takes time but it works.
    • It requires you to have a strategy and focus on that strategy monthly.
    • It will help you a lot to believe in the products that you’re promoting (ideally you’re a user of that product)
    • Platforms that have some American traffic have the potential to make more money due to the bigger market. This is not a requirement, of course

My name is Ken Okoroafor, one half of THP and its sister brand, Financial Joy Academy (our Course Membership platform). The other half of THP and FJA is my incredible wife (Mary) and we’ve been married for over 10 years.

We became Financially Independent in 10 years and we’re a lot more confident about the future and that of our children.

We enjoy travelling around the world as a family, whilst knowing with each day that passes, we generate passive income from various income streams Affiliate Marketing being one of them and do life without worry.

Build a Monthly Income in Just 7 Days

Make Money Monthly with Affiliate Marketing

The Value You Get

This course is packed full of amazing value.

It has been created to give you a 7 Day action plan to get you started with Affiliate Marketing 

Other unique aspects of this course include:

Make Money Monthly will take you from complete beginner to Making Money Monthly. 

It is worth many times more than £147 (+vat) price tag. 

It has been listed at this initial low price to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Sign up today and it will give you ALL the knowledge and practical help you’ll ever need to Make Money Monthly

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make money monthly with affiliate marketing
make money monthly with affiliate marketing

People Who Think Affiliate Marketing Is Complicated NEED This Course!

I have met so many people who don’t achieve their goals simply because they’re too scared to start.

They don't take advantage of their referrals and their audience and miss out on the chance to build a regular income

What ever your current platform, or experience this course will set you up with the right approach and tools to create an Affiliate Marketing strategy.

You aren’t going to go through this course and continue life as before.

This 7 day plan we’ve created works, and once you’ve been through it, you will never look back!

This Step-By-Step approach will get you started with your first regular Affiliate Marketing income. 

Confidence In just 7 easy steps.


Most Frequent Questions And Answers


Ken Okoroafor

I’m the founder of the award-winning Personal Finance blog, The Humble Penny. I started it to help others achieve financial independence and money joy in their lives having achieved financial independence myself aged 34 as a First Gen Immigrant.

I have over 12 years’ experience in the Investment & Fund Business. I’m also a Chartered Accountant and MBA holder from Cambridge.

My work has been featured on the BBC, Channel 5, MailOnline, The Guardian, METRO and much more.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking, street photography and travelling with my wife and two sons. We have fortunately explored over 50 global destinations and counting.

Feel free to reach me at

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