Architect Programme.

How to Create a Purpose-led Membership Business With Monthly Paying Customers.

Learn how I turned my specialised knowledge into a purpose-led membership business with hundreds of happy monthly paying members.

Are you a professional working 9 to 5 and seeking multiple income streams without doing more work each month?

Or do you want to create a scalable side hustle that can replace your main job?

The Architect Programme is a premium coaching programme to help you turn Specialised Knowledge and Expertise into a powerful membership business.

By the end of the 12-week
programme, you'll:


Build a recurring income-generating machine by turning your knowledge and expertise into a purposeful membership business


Multiply your income (i.e. monthly multiple streams of income from members) and finally, we'll help you


Invest these business profits (tax-efficiently via our investing methods) so that you can build a stronger investment portfolio and accelerate your journey to Financial Freedom.


Andy Ayim, MBE


Expertise: Helping others invest as Angel Investors.
Membership Business We Created: Angel Investing School
The Problem It Solves: It helps people start off investing as beginner Angel Investors with as little as £1,000.
Income Generating?: Yes, he made £4,596 per month.

Pippa Goualin

Business Analyst

Expertise: Helping others become Business Analysts or get promoted.
Membership Business We Created: Business Analyst School
The Problem It Solves: It helps people start new careers as Business Analysts or level up their careers and get promoted in this area.
Income Generating?: Yes, at the end of 12 weeks. She has new members almost every other day.

Kayus Fernander

Finance professional

Expertise: Helping others become in-demand public speakers.
Membership Business We Created:
The Problem It Solves: It helps people develop the confidence to become paid in-demand speakers.
Income Generating?: Yes. Started with a dozen people paying £35 a month and growing.

Dom Collins

Military Career

Expertise: Helping others master their money through his own personal journey of getting out of debt, etc.
Membership Business We Created: Battle Buddy Money
The Problem It Solves: It helps military and uniformed personnel to get out of debt, reduce mental health problems and plan for a life outside military service.
Income Generating?: Yes, at the end of 12 weeks.

Chelena Peart

Property Investor and Entrepreneur

Expertise: Digital Creator, Investor and Photographer.
Membership Business We Created: Black Business Vault
The Problem It Solves: Helps members access plans, custom stock images and resources to make the process of content creation for their business less stressful.
Income Generating?: Currently in Beta testing and launch.

Ready to get paid by many people monthly?

Why Work With Us?

This programme brings together 3 of our core strengths:


Building a successful membership business e.g. Financial Joy Academy


Growing online brands fast e.g. The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy


Investing and making money work on money e.g. we have a mastery level of experience in investing.

There is no one else that we know out there that brings these three unique areas together.
Some people teach you memberships and some teach investing, but no one brings them together.

We are doing this because we know how to and can see the ripple effect that it will result in as it's
purpose-led 😊.

Our Story

In 2017, we started The Humble Penny to help people take control of their finances, grow their money and achieve Financial Independence.

Our audience has grown significantly and so far we’ve helped over 5 million people to improve their relationship with money.

A lot of people started contacting us for coaching and as much as we’d love to help everyone one-to-one, it just wasn’t possible.

We began to seek a solution that would use everyday technology to amplify our message and coach thousands of people directly at low cost.

This gave birth to our own membership platform, Financial Joy Academy (FJA), which we launched in February 2020.

Our mission with that platform is to help 10,000 people achieve Financial Independence by 2030 because no one should get poorer as they get older due to financial illilteracy.

Launching Financial Joy Academy has been an incredible success as we now have hundreds of members who are building wealth together each month and on their way to achieving Financial Freedom.

We’ve learned so much from starting and growing FJA that we now want to fulfil a second calling, which is to empower other people to create their own Membership Businesses.

However, we didn’t want to stop there. We also want to help you become Financially Free faster.

So in addition to helping you build your membership business and create recurring monthly income, we’ll teach you how to invest your profits and build wealth.

The programme is packed full of value and it’s the best investment you can make with your money.

Join the many others who have invested and got a Return On Investment in week 1 of launching.

Ready to multiply your income?

Ready to multiply your income? |

How The Programme Works

Each Week, There Is A Live Teach And Implementations Session For 2 – 3 Hours
At 7pm BST on Zoom.
This Is Then Followed By 1 – 2 Hours Of Home Work, Which Will Be Reviewed
During The Week And On The Next Lesson.
In Addition To Weekly Check-ins, We’ll Also Have A Private Community Where
We’ll Chat Weekly And Have Your Questions Answered.

Here is a short outline of each week to help you Build, Multiply and Invest:

The Value You Get

Here is the value you get from the Architect Programme:

1 Over 40 hours of coaching over 12 weeks to build your business.

2 Teaching and Implementation each week with Ken.

3 Practical workbooks per week to work through.

4 Lifetime access to all the coaching recordings for 12 weeks.

5 Cohort based learning and wisdom from other peers.

6 Join a Mastermind of other membership business owners.

7 Swipe files and copy for each day of your launch.

8 Own a membership business that makes money monthly.

9 Learn to invest money confidently and grow your wealth.

10 Bonus 121 coaching with Ken at the end of the programme.

This Programme Is For You If You’re Tired of Swapping Time For Money:

Frequently Asked Questions


Ken Okoroafor

I’m the Co-founder and CEO of The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy, platforms with the core mission of helping millions of people to create Financial Joy in their lives. Together with my wife (Mary), we also run a popular blog and YouTube Channel with over 60,000 Subscribers. Our work has helped more than 5 million people to improve their relationship with money. I’m a Chartered Accountant and hold an MBA from the University of Cambridge. I hold over 14 years of experience of building and growing businesses. I became Financially Independent aged 34 having started my journey as a first-generation immigrant to the UK aged 14. Together with Mary, we have 2 children and love travelling to explore new cultural adventures. We have fortunately explored over 50 global destinations and counting. Our work has been featured across the BBC, ITV, Financial Times, British Vogue, Vice, The Sunday Times, iNews, Metro, Channel 5, The Guardian, etc.

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