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How to Set and Smash Your 2018 Goals

How guaranteed is it that you will smash your upcoming goals? It’s nearly Christmas and I really cannot believe the year is already coming to an end and we’re soon […]

Money is in the mind and is plain vanilla

Mastering your mindset is critical in all areas of your life. It’s even more critical when it comes to money given the huge role it plays in our daily lives. […]

9 Smart Ways To Invest £1,000

9 Smart Ways to Invest £1,000 Congratulations, you’ve got £1,000 to invest! So what should you do next? How should you invest your money without worry? And how can you […]

7 Tips to help you find time for your side hustle

“I would really like to start a business or side hustle, but I just don’t have the time!” Sound familiar? Certainly does for me because that used to be me. […]

My Secrets to Saving Money

This post arose from a question about saving money someone asked through the Ask Ken button on the blog menu bar. It is the first of such and I am […]

5 Reasons why reading books is the most powerful life hack ever

I love trains and find that the best ideas come to me on my morning train journies into London for meetings. This is possibly because I am always reading a book […]